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Top 4 Stretches for Low Back Pain

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Do you suffer from low back pain?

Low back pain is one of the most common conditions affecting Americans. It can lead to debilitating pain, reduced movement, and increased work absence. What can you do for your low back pain?

Evidence points towards spinal manipulation or chiropractic care for relief in many cases. In addition to spinal manipulation, countless modalities can be used in conjunction. One of the best ways to help reduce low back pain, and support spinal manipulation, is stretching.

Spinal manipulation will help align the body, reduce pain, restore function, and increase range of motion. Stretching will then help keep the muscles in the low back and hips relaxed to keep the alignment of the spine and allow for proper movement. If a muscle is not stretched or released, it will remain tight and restrict normal movement which can alter biomechanics and cause pain.

Check out these 4 stretches that I commonly recommend for patients to support spinal manipulation, reduce pain, and get results fast!

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**Note: These recommendations do not replace advice given by your healthcare provider. Always consult your healthcare provider for personalized medical advice. These are general recommendations, not specific for any one person or condition. Never perform any stretch that causes pain or discomfort. If you have physical discomfort or pain, stop immediately and contact your healthcare provider. Recommendations and Information provided are designed for informational purposes only, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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