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10 Tips to Prevent Shoveling Injuries

With our first big snow fall here, snow removal becomes a big job. Shoveling can be a great workout as you spend time in the fresh air. Unfortunately, shoveling causes many injuries! Take time to protect and prepare yourself for shoveling.

Here are some helpful tips:

- Do some light movement or stretching before you head outside

- Have boots with good traction (add accessories if needed)

- Keep your feet apart for a sturdy base

- Never lift or twist with your back! Bend at your hips and knees keeping your back straight.

- Use a lightweight shovel that fits you.

- Move small amounts of snow and push it rather than lift.

- Take breaks, shoveling is a form of exercise. Give your body time to recover.

- Stay hydrated, drink water

- Stay warm

- Listen to your body! If you start to get sore or experience any pains take a break and ask someone for help.

Let’s stay healthy this winter!

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