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Athletes and Chiropractic Care

Are you an athlete looking to gain an edge on the field?

We are your chiropractor in Marquette, MI for sports performance and recovery!

Chiropractic is a growing profession with all major professional sports and most collegiate schools having a team chiropractor. Chiropractic care has countless benefits such as keeping players healthy, preventing injuries, speeding recovery, boosting performance, improving muscle firing, improving range of motion, enhancing balance and coordination, improving accuracy, and reducing pain.

Chiropractic focuses on the brain, the nervous system, and how it is communicating with the body. The nervous system is the interconnecting system of the body allowing for structures such as muscles and organs to communicate with the brain. When the nervous system is functioning optimally, all parts of the body are able to communicate. Sub-optimal function arises in the presence of excess stress.

When your body is under excess stress, there can be consequences throughout the whole body. The most common consequence is inflammation. If one system of the body is not working correctly due to stressors/inflammation, that in-turn can affect the function of other systems in the body. Restoring the connection of the brain and body not only helps the body structurally, but functionally as well.

We use a technique to identify muscular imbalance and detect inhibited muscles. Through chiropractic adjustments, muscle stimulation and trigger points, the nervous system is balanced, and muscles are activated. Our technique of balancing the brain, nervous, and muscular system has aided in the success of countless athletes.

Examples of treatments may include adjustments, nutritional advice, supplementation, muscle activation / stimulation, trigger points, postural awareness, movement, and stretching (or a combination of these).

Peak Chiropractic and Natural Wellness

2572 US Hwy 41 W. STE A

Marquette, Michigan

(906) 273-1158

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